Practical Applications

Video 3: Application 1- Night derivation

This video presents the main application of the Universal Perspective of the Unfolding of Time (UPUT) called the night derivation. Before falling asleep we go from the conscious to the unconscious planes of our perception, during this moment of transition we can potentially change the logical structure of our unconscious through a decision. We have always had this decision available, but most humans are not conscious of it. The decision underlines which aspect of ourselves do we want to synchronize our perception with, do we want to keep being informed by our conditioned identity, built upon on our past, or by our original self, based on our true origin.

The proces of returning to our universal perception starts with a conscious decision, the decision of informing the original observer that we are prepared to let go of our personal perception in order to become available to our universal point of observation.

Once the decision is made, the journey back to our origin begins.

Those who resonate with this decision are welcome on to the ride. Only each person can trigger the returning to their original truth, no-one can decide for you.

Video 4: Application 2- daily derivation

In this video we look into the daily derivation, which is a tool of conscious living which we apply during our day to day life. The day is the moment where we can become conscious of the transformation of our perception. The re-structuring of our unconscious, which begins to happen due to the night derivation, requires a conscious process in order to download to our neurology and biology the new potentials which result from the convergent logic.

During the day we have the opportunity to become aware of the undoing of the errors of perception with which our identity has been programmed with. The errors of perception are the programs which result from the divergent logic which makes us identify with a perception of separation. The four main errors of perception are survival, protection, comparison/competition and filling in the missing part.

When we consciously recognize the errors of perception on which our identity has been programmed on, and when we are able to observe them without identification, without reaction or repression, then that program begins to undo itself. This frees the limits of our identity allowing there to be more space for new and more expansive versions of perception.

Ultimately, through this daily derivation what we are allowing is for there to be more space within our biological receptor so that emptiness, the origin, can expand the awareness of itself through us. 

Video 5: Application 3- Observatory 4.0

Observatory 4.0 is a tool which helps us integrate neurologically the reference system or stencil. This perspective is inviting those who resonate to a logical revolution of our perception, a total paradigm shift which can result difficult to assume when we are still very influenced by our identity. This tool helps us re-define the purpose of our identity, not as something which defines and limits us, but as a bridge which comunicates our biological existence with our abstract and universal origin. 

Our identity has a purpose which goes beyond what we know from the past, it has a purpose beyond its self-preservation. That other purpose is to link the identity with its functional role within a global and convergent system. A global convergent logic requieres an identity in zero point (4.0), which can held an particular contribution within a global system.

Our name, date of birth, conception date, place of birth, ID number and so on, express a frequential potential of our identity, a potential which can be used to seperate us from the rest of the elements of totality (divergent logic) or a potential which can be used to link and connect us logically and functionally with the rest of the elements of totality (convergent logic).

This tool is an invitation for us to assume the frequential potential of the design of our identity in order for it to function as a bridge which links us to the rest of space-time, a bridge to link our biological receptor with emptiness.

Link to download the observatory 4.0:

Video 6: Application 4- Observatory 7.0

This application called Observatory 7.0 is a tool which helps us integrate neurologically the non-lineal aspect within our biological receiver The human design, as we know it, has been programmed to function in external reference focussing on a lineal perception of time

In order to establish the referential change from a divergent logic to a convergent logic, it is essential to begin to assume in our human design and within our neurology what we call time 0: the zero points which connect each plane of frequency in allignment with the axis of the origin

This allignment of the zero points in each plane in reference with the origin includes what we call the cone of consciousness of the origin (the downward triangle from plane 7) with its unconscious (the upward triangle from plane 7). The non-lineal axis connects the zero points of the the positive frequencies (plane 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6) with the zero points of the negative frequencies (plane -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6), in an interelated convergent synchronicity.

Link to download the observatory 7.0:

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